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please don't go away
Thursday, October 14, 2010

I've had enough, going to a better place.

Find me?
click here.

Prolly never coming back.
2:09 PM

Monday, October 11, 2010

Funny looking cupcakes-the last ones we'll ever get to make.

Okei, this just proves how shiny the ovens in the Home Econs are!

*sigh* its coming to the last of everything. Those up there are from the LAST Home Econs lesson we'll ever get to take. It was an enjoyable time(beat Darren in HE!). Really thank God that i had such a nice teacher like Ms Tan:D

Lit paper today. Kinda harrdD: Stupid Stupid macbeth! "Hail Macbeth! Thou shalt be king thereafter!" See! The quotes are still stuck in my brain up till now!!

PFFT (. . .)

Anyone wanna go to the Night Safari-Halloween thingy? I'm dying to go. Missed it last year.

KKz. Think this is enough for today. Needa revise for tmr's (hopelessly hopeless) science paper. CMI CMI CMI!

have a sudden craving for chomp chomp!
1:49 PM

Saturday, October 9, 2010

i think she's SO preeetty:D

I feel like i'm staying inside a cage-.- Feels like crap. I just wanna get OUT. Don't wanna stay in this place. It reeks of the word Judgemental.

Pfft(. . .)

Like, seriously? I've had enough of this crap. I'll seriously slap the next person on the face that tries to talk to me about "TRUST".

4:11 PM

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

only you understand me the best(:

Sometimes, even though theres one person that understands you the best, even he/she can't understand what you're going through.

And sometimes, you may be surrounded by people who love you and treat you like family. But ever they are having their own troubles. Everyone's just screaming silent screams. Harbouring futile hopes that someone would be able to hear them. Or at least go through what their going though so that they can hug each other and cry and know they've got support.

But no one hears. Its like a living hell. Everyone's wrapped up in their own pain and sorrows that they don't feel or hear others.

If everyone were to stop and listen for awhile, then maybe we'd understand this world a lil' better.

Please, this world's not about you. Grow up!
4:30 PM

Thursday, September 30, 2010

i pray it'll pass soon,
Hello, today was the start of the actual shit. Yep, its advanced paper today.
EL and CL paper 1. Kinda screwed the CL paper big time. Forgot to write the question number and didn't manage to finish writing the newspaper report for CL.

Urgh. Left like a few words to write. Darn. Some invigilator, huh? Can't you see that there are still students writing their butts off just to finish it? A few more minutes would do us good. Pfft(. . .)

Tmr's Geog and EL paper 2. YAY? A1 A1 Jingyi!!
I hope that tmr won't be as screwed as today.
3:25 PM

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Today, we moved to a new home called 5N1 classroom. So, it was kinda last minute thing. Cos we haven't even started newspaper reading when DM said over the mic "2N1, i think you have to go to your classroom now." Didn't really know what happened(semi conscious, you see.) but when i saw the class standing up i followed suite. It was only until we reached the class that i remembered: We're moving.

Anyway, its great to know that Rachel's back. Kinda envy her for being able to sit in a wheelchair and NOT do p.e. The new classroom was very very dusty though. Could feel a layer of dust at table i'm currently using. Eeeew.

THENTHEN, since there was no one to sit with Cheryl L, i decided to move over and i realised that by sitting in front, i can actually concentrate a HELL LOT MORE. Which is a good thing, right? Then, got back the electricity class test and got a pass:D 19/29 babeh! Quite pleased with myself:D

Was supposed to meet Steph today, but she cancelled our "date" at the last min.): aww, steph! Was looking forward to seeing her all week. Pfft(. . .)

SO anyway, we didn't have cohort learning today which is kinda good i guess:D But that also made me lose my 1hr nap timeD: Pfft...

THENTHENTHEN, after school, walao, that blardy _________ kicked the soccer ball and it went BAM on my face. Like, blardy pain can?? Arsehole. Went to the toilet with Cheryl L to wash the dirt off my face. Came back fighting the urge to give that arsehole a tight slap and make him feel how pain i felt. Tsk. Left the school immediately after that accident because i don't wanna get hit on the face another time.

To that arsehole, better be lucky that you didn't break my specs! Because if you did, i'll probably burn you alive. There're 3 most important items to me in this world:
1. My specs
2. My phone
3. Greentea
So areshole, better thank God you didn't break it!

Urgh! Seriously! And me and Cheryl L was talking about how awesome it must be for the boys now that they have an open space to play football after school. Yeah, how AWSOME eh??._.

Blardy arsehole.

Oh, i think i've died from exm feverr..
4:05 PM

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Urgh, i'm seriously mad now. Don't yo hate it when you wanna tell someone off but you can't because he/she is older than you? Or when you wanna tell the whole world who that person is but you can't because that person'll sue you?

"Respect is something you earn, not something that you can buy or force out of a person".

I'd like to add this: REGARDLESS OF AGE. Yes, i'm more than peeved.

Morning was fine, but after that, it was pretty much f-ed up. I mean, hello, we're teens already. We're not the students you see at the place you work. We're not 10 year olds running about. We're fourteen and we THINK FOR OURSELVES! Who are you to correct us on our attire? You're not our FT. In fact, i'm embarrassed to know you. You forced me into this. I didn't have a choice. You think you're awesome? I'd very much like to knock some sense into your head. For goodness sake, you, most certainly are NOT even close to AWESOME.

Y'know, you're not even in my "most hated list". You don't deserve to. Sometimes, i think that you have so much fun till' you actually forgot who you are. Its such a disappointment, really. Authority? Don't come and crap to me about Authority or Respect cos you are in no position to. When i was little, i thought you were OKAY. But now, i see you for who you are. And trust me, my impression of you now, its awful. Oh wait, its WORSE than awful.

Now, i wish that i was NEVER associated with you. I wish, i never even knew you.
3:55 PM


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